How to Add SMR-d to Benz C6 DoIP VCI DTS Monaco

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-1 (2)

Here’s the instruction to add SMR-d and Configure DTS Monaco engineering software for OEM Benz C6 DoIP VCI.

Software HDD should be purchased alone (comes with keygen and DTS Monaco software).

Add DTS Monaco SMR-d operation:

Open DTS System Configurator on desktop, select Interfaces, right click to open new interface

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-1 (2)

Manually enter Interface “C6“, press Next

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-2 (2)

Configure Benz C6 VCI as picture below
D-PDU API: Bosch_D-PDU_APO_Bosch_MTS6532

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-3 (2)

Select CAN I interface link

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-4 (2)

Enable Benz C6 DoIP as picture below

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-5 (2)

Choose eCOM CBF (DCDIPartP)

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-6 (2)

Select Project administrator, create new project

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-7 (2)

Select modular optimized database  (*.SMR-*)

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-8 (2)

Add CGW_204.smr-d

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-9 (2)

Project: CGW_204

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-10 (2)

Add CGW_204.smr-d success

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-11 (2)
How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-12 (2)

Enter DTS Monaco software

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-13 (2)

select CGW_204 project

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-14 (2)

login project

How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-15 (2)
How-to-Add-SMR-d-to-Benz-C6-DoIP-VCI-DTS-Monaco-16 (2)

Now can you flash modules with the DTS Monaco software.

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