Program power steering control module with Autel MaxiIM IM608

I had a power steering control module replacement on this vehicle – 2013 Ford Mustang GT 5.0 liter V8 engine. The original module is currently not available. I need to find the info or as built data and push it into the new module. The following shows how to program the power steering control module using the Autel MaxiIM IM608 scanner without using the manufacturer’s software.


2. Locate “Power Steering Control Module”, luckily we have only one section to fill which is 013A.
It should be very fast because I ever did other modules and have to enter all of these manually one by one. This should be very soon.


Step2. Module Programming via Autel IM608
Turn ignition off, because the new module is actually installed on the vehicle already. To avoid IM608 scanner from pulling out wrong information which is loaded in there right now. It does not belong to this VIN number.

Have been identified vehicle model, go to
Programming >> Programmable Module Installation >> PSCM
OK >> OK (Keep ignition OFF during the process)


Install a new module in vehicle, OK
Set ignition ON.
The service tool was unable to obtain configuration data from the original module.
Configuration data will be used to configure the module.

You have 2 options for entering the Configuration data into the module. Manual or Automatic. Manual entry will provide multiple screen for the entry of configuration data which can be obtained from the Configuration database.

Manual entry will provide multiple screen for the entry of configuration data which can be obtained from the Configuration database.

Obtain Configuration data from:
PTS(Technical Resource Center) Homepage
Enter numbers: 013A
Press “OK”.


If the configuration goes good, we should be done.
It’s going to write the VIN number and recording data…
Module installation complete.

Network DTCs(Diagnostic Trouble Codes)(U-codes) may have been set during programming.
Operator action
Run the on-demand read codes and clear all DTCs.
All CMDTSs(Continuous Memory Diagnostic Trouble Codes)
Fix all relevant DTCs, then clear codes and retest.
DTCs that start with “U” are faults which occur during module-to-module communication.

Set ignition OFF.



This is how to use Autel IM608 to do power steering control module programming for a 2013 Ford Mustang GT.

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