Mercedes W205 Control Unit (N310) Online Coding with VXDIAG Benz C6

How-to: Benz W205 N3/10 online scn coding of control unit motor electronics MED40 for combustion engine M274 using Vxdiag Benz C6 xentry.


Connect VXDIAG C6 Benz vcx plus with vehicle and computer

Turn on ignition switch

Run Xentry software in VX Manager


Go to Diagnostic function

Confirm safety information and press Continue


Check N3/10 control unit version


Check if  fault code exists, if yes, clear error codes.


Actual values


Go to Adaptations->Control unit update-> Updating of SCN coding


Enable online connection for the next steps


Coding of control unit MED40 for combustion engine M274 in process


Resetting  control unit by VXDIAG C6 Benz


Switch off ignition then switch ON


Check variant coding

MED40 control unit coding complete

Enter repair order number


You are allowed to print the order report.


VXDIAG Full VW ODIS “Trail has expired” Solution


I have got the VW ODIS license activated to work with the VXDIAG Full VCX Plus scanner. When i tried to launch ODIS software, it gave me error “Trail has expired.

Sorry, but your trail period has expired.
The expiration data is 01/04/2019.
Please, register this software to remove trail limitations! ”


OBD2TOOL solution:

Change your computer date/time to 01/01/2019 (dd/mm/yyyy)

Problem will be solved.

VXDIAG Benz failed to Auto Connect to Mercedes Solution


I tried to connect VXDIAG Full Brands scanner with a 2005 Mercedes Benz E320  with Vin# WDBUF65J15A706074.  It cannot connect automatically. Device is good, software not problem. Should I choose vehicle model manually?

vxdiag-fail-auto-connect-1 vxdiag-fail-auto-connect-2 vxdiag-fail-auto-connect-3 vxdiag-fail-auto-connect-4
OBD2TOOL solution:

VXDIAG vcx plus multi tool does not always connect automatically, you have to choose the vehicle manually.

VXDIAG Toyota Techstream Ask for Activation Key Solution

Q: When I install TOYOTA Techstream V14.00.18 software for VXDIAG multi tool, it ask for the registration key? Where can i get the key?

I have installed the VX manger and Toyota driver on Windows 7 laptop.

I did run Techstream software from patch as i was told.

vxdiag-techstream-v14-activation-1 vxdiag-techstream-v14-activation-2 vxdiag-techstream-v14-activation-3 vxdiag-techstream-v14-activation-4

OBD2TOOL Solution

The solution works on all VXDIAG scanners, VXDIAG VCX NANO, VCX Pro and VCX PLUS series.

1). To use Techstream V14 or above software, you must start/run software from the patch.  Then it will not ask for the registration code.

2) If you did run software from patch and it still requires the activation key, there maybe something wrong with your computer operating system.  Try to uninstall O/S and install techstream software again.

Free Download VXDIAG Toyota Techstream V14.00.018!SAR3Qa7B!N61Ikd1HKEodTiwpODLXKQ

Free Download VXDIAG Techstream patch!7VZzBQgZ!wO9Fjk0gfZF-tfv6zQAqzw

How to Register VXDIAG Full VW ODIS Software (2TB HDD)

Q: I have got the VXDIAG Full brands with 2TB software HDD. How can I register the ODIS 5.1.3 software?

VXDIAG full ODIS software is well installed in 2TB HDD.  But require to register (each brands) and change language before using.  Follow steps below to register VXDIAG ODIS:

After insert 2TB HDD and choose ODIS software,  main software for various models will be displayed on desktop.

Install the diagnostic data packages of each vehicle type separately. It takes about 3 to 4 hours.
The software is default system language.

I.. register ODIS for Audi


Select PostSetup language
Downloading ODIS data
Register ODIS Audi software succeed
Register other software one by one until succeed.
Software is ready to use.
If you use VXDIAG VCX NANO 5054 for vw interface, you need to install software as well.  The current version ODIS 5.1.3 shares the same installation steps as 4.4.10.