Lonsdor K518ise New Feedback by Zayn Aoun

New Feedback about Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer Test. Here is the details Report by OBD2TOOL:

I tested lonsdor on many cars and my happy with it
I am happy that Peugeot and Citrone read the pin code without any problems

Opel Astra J 2015 EU (Add key , OK) Pin code from CAR PASS
Frod Fusion 2017 US (Add key , OK) No need pin code
Afla Romeo GT 2005 EU (Program remote , OK) need pin code
Ford Focus 2012 EU (Add proxy key , OK) No need pin code
Ford Ranger 2018 EU (Add key , faild on 2017 work) No need pin code
Renault Megane 2005 EU All keys lost (Program key , OK) No need pin code
Audi A3 1999 EU All keys lost (Program key , OK) pin code read whit Abrites FVDI , Lonsdor faild
Citroen C5 2011 EU (Program Key , OK) Pin code read whit Lonsdor ok
Hyundai Elantra 2014 EU (Program Key , OK) Pin code read whit Lonsdor ok
Audi A4 2010 EU (Program Key slot , OK) No need pin code
Audi S5 2012 EU (Program proxy key , OK) No need pin code
Audi A6 2006 EU (Program key , OK) No need pin code
Pegeout 308 CC 2012 EU (Program key , OK) Pin code read whit Lonsdor OK
BMW System CAS 2 / 3 / 3+ (Program key , OK)
BMW System CAS 3++ (Need backup eeprom manual and update FLASH from CAS , NOT TESTED)
BMW System CAS 4 /4+ (Disable key lost , OK)
Mazda M2 2004 EU (Add key , OK )
Fiat Doblo 2010 EU (Read pin code , OK)
Fiesta 2007 4d63 add key fail
Smart Fortwo 450 learn key fail
OPEL Zafira b read pin add key ok
polo 2006 add remote ok read pin fail fvdi also fail launch read pin ok

Lonsdor K518ISE SCION 2011-2018 Models Enabled!

Lonsdor released the Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer update announcement on 14-03-2019, saying it can work with more SCION vehicles.


How to update SCION for Auto Key Programmer Lonsdor K518ISE:

Close the device and open it, the update will come to you. All will be successfully


Lonsdor K518ise SCION car list:

SCION \CH-R\2018\ Smart key

SCION \CH-R\2018\Mechanical key

SCION \2013-2016\ Smart key

SCION \FR-S\2013-2016\Mechanical key

SCION \iA2016-2018\ Smart key

SCION \iM\2017-2018\Mechanical key

SCION \iQ\2012-2015\Mechanlcal key

SCION \tC\2005-2010\Mechanical key

SCION \tC\2011-2015\ Smart key

SCION \tC\2011-2015\Mechanical key

SCION \xB\2012-2013\Mechanical key

SCION \xB\2012\Remote

SCION \xD\2012-2013\Mechanical key


More Lonsdor update info released on 14-03-2019:

Software Update/Optimization Highlights

VAG IMMO K-Line 2&3 PIN code reading capability
BMW CAS1 Available as of now
BMW FEM/BDC latest variant indexes added as listed below
KIA/HYUNDAI Type 46 PIN code read for both Smart + Key-blade transponder types + implementation of LKE Emulator to enable PIN reading in case of AKL
Toyota selection menu by vehicle model
Porsche previously unsupported models AKL added via LKE Emulator

in detail..

Lonsdor k518ise Software Optimization:

1.VWIMM02&IMM03 [Read PIN)

2.VW IMM04 Enable more dashboards to auto identify immo type

3.Skoda IMM02 ft IMM03 (Read PIN}

4.Skoda IMM04 Enable more dashboards to auto identify immo type

5.BMW CAS CAS1 is available; CAS2/CAS3 [Delete key)

6.BMW FEM/BOC Suport swfl 00002419 071 010 040.swfl 00002419 080 010 010

software version

7.Toyota: Optimize menu [Select from vehicle)

6.Oodge/Chrytler/JEEP ft Honda.

9 Hyundoi/Kle Optimize [Read 46 chip PIN) and [Read PIN code{46 smart

card)), support obtaining PIN via LKE decoding

10.BVD [General working key) .support generating SK via LKE to obtain PIN.

11.Porsche Optimize key programming procedure For Boxter(2005 2011)/Coy-

man(200S 2011)/997(2005-2010)/911(200S 2010).support bypass programming

with LKE

LKE Emulator Main Function

1.Features of Toyota/Lexus smart key all lost(5 emulators-in-1)


No need networking

Localized computing

2.Generate chip

LKE can be used to work as an emergency key to program when no dedicated


3-Copy chip

By collecting data to decode and copy chip, LKE currently supports some 46 and 4D chtp copy

4.Simulate and convert chip

Use [Generate chip] to make various chips, part of 40/46 and SKE Toyota  currently supported

5.Decode chip

Decode 46 and 4D chips to obtain SK.

6.identify ignition coil and key chip type(al) key lost)

7.As K518 helper:

Achieve programming key without PIN for Hyundai and Kia.

Achieve programming key without PIN for BYD

Achieve programming key without PIN for Porsche Cayman(2005-2010) and boxster


How to solve Lonsdor K518ISE “scm file lost” Update Error




Hold two buttons marked red above at the same time.



Delete current APK V2.1


After uninstall Lonsdor K518 APK successfully, click the arrow in the middle of the screen.

There is a new version APK v2.26 available to update

Kernel mirror image version under V2.26 needs to follow this step. Press Update Online on the bottom left.


Install the package after downloading. It might take a long tome, please be patient. After installation, there are “WIFI Setting” and “Update”, just click “Update”. if you failed to update, change a network or change the domain name according to the file of “WIFI Setting”.


Select repair function

If the device shows interface below, continue to follow next step.


The operation will erase old APK data and reinstall APK.


Select Reset to factory setting


Install APK success




Enter 6-digit password



It will work as usual.

How to Renew Lonsdor K518ISE Firmware Program

Question:When I update my Lonsdor K518ISE Key Programmer ,it’s failed”Run APP Failed,unknow error”or”update faild,APK version:v1.5.17″

Answer:Pls try Renew Lonsdor K518ISE Firmware Program


1. Download and unzip the attached file, you will get      Lonsdor-K518ISE-1
and Lonsdor-K518ISE-7

2. Install Lonsdor-K518ISE-2and then open the Lonsdor-K518ISE-3
. 3. Use a USB cable to connect your K518ISE to a computer.

4. ① Click the button in red first.

② Click the button in black next.


③ Find the fileLonsdor-K518ISE-6 and click it (marked in
red, step 1).

④ Then click the button marked in black (step 2).


5. Hold on the power key and you will see interface below. Click the
button marked in red. And immediately hold on the volume+ key until
you see a progress bar in the computer.


6. Two windows will pop up, just click YES.

7. Update firmware successfully. Pull out the USB cable and wait the
device to automatically repair.

8. Don’t touch the device. You will see a white screen and there are two
buttons (set up WIFI and update).

9. Set up WIFI and then update. The problem will be solved after

Program Toyota Avalon 2014 All Keys Lost with Tango & Lonsdor 518ISE

Test report:  I’ve successfully programmed TMS37200 smart key on a Toyota Avalon 2014 Middle East model under all keys lost situation via OBD.

Main Procedure:

Step 1: Backup EEPROM with Lonsdor K518ISE

Step 2: Write key with Tango & SLK-03 emulator

Step 3: Add/register smart key with Lonsdor K518

(If you don’t have Tango, you can program smart key with K518 and Lonsdor SKE-IT Smart Key Emulator as well)

How to:

Step 1: Backup EERPOM

in Lonsdor k518, Select Immobilizer->Toyota->China->Select from type->All smart key lost->All key lost->Backup EEPROM


Save eeprom to bin file, i.e AVL9.bin


EEPROM data backup success

Open K518 internal storage folder, copy and paste AVL9.bin to desktop


Step 2: Write key

Connect Tango transponder key programmer with laptop


Open Tango software, select car make and model



Upload eeprom data read by k518 from desktop


Detect transponder information, 4 keys programmed


Insert a SLK-03 emulator key into Tango, press Write Key

Select SLK-03 transponder

Writing key

Put the emulator key close to vehicle Start button

Write key success

Step 3: Add smart key

In Lonsdor K518 OBD2 key Programmer Toyota all smart keys lost menu, select Add Smart Key

Put an emulator key or working key close to the ignition switch, turn it ON until the dashboard turns on

Lonsdor detects 4 keys have registered.


Put the key to be registered near to Start button, when buzz rings twice, remove the key within 30 sec

Operation completed.

The emulator key now can start vehicle.



Program BMW R1200RT Motor ID46 7936 Chip with Lonsdor K518ise

Hello, your Lonsdor K518 can work for a BMW motorcycle? I have a R1200RT.

Replied by obd2tool.com:

Yes. BMW R1200RT is definitely gonna happen.
The motorcycle has been tested.
Look at the test report for details.
Date: 01-11-2018
Key programming tool: Lonsdor K518ise
Vehicle: BMW R1200RT motorcycle

Note: K518ise also works for BMW Motorcycle GS RT K key programming

In Lonsdor K518ise:
Select Immobilizer – special functions – identify/copy chips – recognition & copy – recognition & copy


k518ise-2 k518ise-3 k518ise-4 k518ise-5

Put the chip to be identified into K518 host slot and then K518 starts to recognize the key

k518ise-6 k518ise-7

K518 identified the key: 46 PCF7936(JITAG2) chip

k518ise-8 k518ise-9

Switch ignition on with the key and check the connection of the key and the motorcycle



k518ise-12 k518ise-13 k518ise-14

In Lonsdor K518ise:

Select Immobilizer – BMW – select from type – motor – add key

k518ise-15 k518ise-16 k518ise-17


(If you find your bmw menu is different from bmw menu here, that’s because the Beta Version for distributors only, you will get once Release version is ready for all)


Lonsdor K518 is gonna to add a new key to the BMW

This process can add a car key



Select key 4, 7936 transponder



Przeci?gnij klape k518 w prawo i wi?? klucz, ktory ma zostac zaprogrammowanny

(Drag the k518 flap to the right and tie the key you want to program)

Obecny klucz jest legalny

ID: 0F 81 36 11

Generowanie moze byc knotynuowane [ok], aby kontynuowac

(The current key is legal

ID: 0F 81 36 11

Generating can be wicked [ok] to continue)


Wloz wygenerowany klucz do slotu w samochodzie na 5 sekund

(Insert the generated key into the car slot for 5 seconds)



Zapisywanie into kluczy wykonane

(Saving into keys made)


Test the key done by Lonsdor: worked!