How to Solve Lonsdor K518 Device Fault20 Error

Error: It prompts “Device fault20” on Lonsdor K518 programmer

Lonsdor-K518-Device-Fault20-Error-Solution-1 (2)

Step 1: Hold those two buttons marked in red at the same time

Lonsdor-K518-Device-Fault20-Error-Solution-2 (2)

Then you will enter the Update interface as below

Lonsdor-K518-Device-Fault20-Error-Solution-3 (2)

Step 2: Press “Uninstall APK” once, and you will get the prompt as below

Lonsdor-K518-Device-Fault20-Error-Solution-4 (2)

Step 3: Press “OK” and you will enter the Update interface again.

Lonsdor-K518-Device-Fault20-Error-Solution-5 (2)

Step 4: Press “Oldest APK” once and you will see loading interface

Lonsdor-K518-Device-Fault20-Error-Solution-6 (2)

step 5: Enter the password

Lonsdor-K518-Device-Fault20-Error-Solution-7 (2)

Step 6: Connect the device to WiFi and then press “Update”

Lonsdor-K518-Device-Fault20-Error-Solution-8 (2)

Step 7: Press “OK” to update the device

Lonsdor-K518-Device-Fault20-Error-Solution-9 (2)

When finish the steps above, the K518 key programmer will be normal as before after updating.

Note: this solution is also suitable for the following common problems:
Problem 1: Cannot enter the main interface of K518 device
Problem 2: It takes much time to enter the main menu of K518
Problem 3: Some menus are lost in the K518 device

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