35160WT mileage correction with Yanhua 35160 35080 Emulator

Using one single Yanhua 35160 / 35080 emulator, 35160WT EEPROM mileage adjustment can be done. This post offers step by step operation procedure.


Guide in words and images:

1.Solder the 35XX chip on the meter to the specified location of the simulator,

pay attention to the chip direction.


2. Plug the emulator to the Mini usb cable, then plug into the usb port of computer.


3. Create a new folder on your desktop, for example, named “mileage modification.”


4. Copy the compressed file “35xx mileage modification tool .rar”and paste it onthe desktop “mileage modification” folder. Extract it to the current folder to get the file of “35xx mileage modification tool .exe”


5. Copy the original data to the “Mileage Adjustment” folder on the desktop .According to the original car chip model, select the corresponding original data and copy it to the “mileage modification” folder on the desktop.

(If the original car chip is 35080, choose 35080 raw data.bin; if the original car chip is 35160, choose 35160 raw data. bin)


6. Open the “mileage modification” folder, drag the original data to the modification tool or double-click to open the “35XX mileage modification tool”, drag the original data into the tool interface and press Enter to confirm.


7. Enter the mileage data you want to modify as prompted (Note: don’t forget to input the unit, for example: XXXkm or XXXmi), then press Enter to confirm, and the new file 35xxx raw data _yyyy.bin will be automatically generated.


8. Open the “35XX Memory” USB flash drive, delete the 35xxx simulated data  .bin file of the corresponding chip (note the “simulated” data file), and then copy the 35xxx original data _yyyy.bin file generated in the “mileage modification” folder to the “35XX memory” U disk.

35160WT-mileage-correction-with-Yanhua-35160-10 35160WT-mileage-correction-with-Yanhua-35160-11 35160WT-mileage-correction-with-Yanhua-35160-12

9. Data comparisonRe-plug the simulator, open the “35XX memory” U disk.

Compare the newly generated simulated data of the corresponding chip and the modified data in the “mileage modification” folder. If the data is the same, the operation is successful. Solder the simulator to the instrument chip location.

35160WT-mileage-correction-with-Yanhua-35160-15 35160WT-mileage-correction-with-Yanhua-35160-16

10. Done. Yanhua 35160 / 35080 programming Emulator correct mileage for 35160WT complete.

Tip: The copied raw data.bin file is recommended to be saved to the computer, so that the data can be recovered when the operation is wrong. If the operation is abnormal, don’t be nervous. Unplug the usb and plug it back to restore normal.

Review on 2016 Original Digimaster 3 Odometer Correction

Recently, I purchased a 2016 original Digimaster 3 odometer correction master, which gave me great help.

This is my story. In fact, several days ago, I have been in the trouble that I don’t know how to change the mileage for my lover,Fiat Punto 2003. What even worse is that I’m a quite lazy person and have little knowledge of programming. Therefore, I asked for help in the forum and hoped that someone can give me suggestions.

What a lucky man I was! A guy who was enthusiastic and patient recommended a odometer correction tool named Car Diagnostic Tools Digimaster 3. Followed his advice, I purchased the master on cardiagtool.co.uk with €1,200 and 4 days free delivery. It’s a package weighed 6.5kg including Digimaster 3 host, 12V switch power supply and varieties of adapters and cables,etc. You know what! This tool doesn’t need activate and the installation has been completed by the nice customer service.The after-sales service also provided all life long Free update every 2 month and solutions for any problem during the usage.


The using process is not going quite well.I entered with digiprog 189.000 as new mileage. but car shown only 18.900km.It was very strange. I opened my mileage calculator and I saw that there were 2 kinds of dashboards for this car. I tried both eeprom-codes to write manually. The first one calculated 189.000km, but still the car said 18.900 Then I tried the second one calculated 189.000km, and the car also said 189.000.

Luckily, all the problems are solved. My experience with Digimaster 3 from www.cnautotool.com is totally satisfied. I become more confident with my learning ability. I was told that D3 also have the function of audio decoding, immo test, ECU program, etc. I think I will try in the future.