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BMW coding for your BMW 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, X, I, (2004-current E, F, and G, I chassis), and BMW Mini (R5x & F5x) Vehicles using bmw diagnostic tool such as INPA, NCS Expert, and E-Sys. The features below represent a majority of the conveniences that can be disabled/enabled on your BMW (if applicable to your chassis).

*   Amber/Corner lights delete
*   Angel eyes as DRL
*   Disable bulb out warnings (disables warm and cold testing of bulbs)
*   Double flash hazards (not applicable on F-series chassis)
*   Pathway lighting with the key fob (follow me home lights)
*   Fog and high beams on at the same time
*   LCI taillight retrofit coding
*   Aftermarket HID coding
*   Disable DRL high beams
*   Disable DRL taillights
*   Front turn signals on when welcome lights activated
*   Angel eyes on when welcome lights activated

*   M style digital speedometer
*   True car speed on the digital speedometer
*   Lock doors once a certain speed is reached/Unlock doors when the key is ejected
*   Turn off the car and eject the key fob by holding the ignition button in when parked
*   Nighttime illumination in a cluster with Daytime Running Lights
*   Turn signals in HUD
*   Disable Auto Start/Stop by default (F and G series only)
*   Remember the last setting of Auto Start/Stop (F and G series only)
*   Entertainment options in HUD (F series only)
*   Recent call list in HUD (F series only)
*   Assisted Driving View (G series only)


*   Traffic options added to CCC/CIC navigation to alert you to any traffic congestion and offer detour options **More info**
*   Aux audio input enable
*   Enable Mp3 playback (Is your BMW compatible?)
*   Bluetooth retrofit coding
*   Satellite Radio input enable (needs hardware module to function)
*   CD changer input enable (needs hardware module to function)
*   Remove Legal disclaimer in Idrive
*   Remove weather band from entertainment source selection
*   Skip AM band on entertainment source selection
*   CIC retrofit coding
*   CIC DVD-in-Motion (For vehicles with CIC units only) *additional fee*
*   Update CCC DVD navigation maps ($15 installation fee). **Do I have CCC or CIC?**
*   Climate shortcut display shows in iDrive when fan button pushed (e9x only)
*   Seat heater “hi-med-low” slider in iDrive (e6x only)
*   Navigation FSC update code for latest Maps *additional fee*
*   Radio/Navigation off when the door opened (F series only)
*   Automatically set time by GPS in iDrive (NBT iDrive only)
*   Enhanced Bluetooth and USB (F series only)
*   Side view cameras on at all speeds (F series only)
*   Top view cameras on at all speeds (F series only)
*   Backup view camera on at all speeds (F series only)
*   Remove PDC + Cam disclaimer (F series only)
*   Tire pressure + Temperature in TPMS (F series only)
*   Phone Ringtone sent to CIC (F series only – not applicable on cars with no navigation)
*   DRL front and rear options (G series only)


*   AC blower was not turned on automatically when ignition switched on
*   LED fan speed indicator on in the Auto mode
*   Pressing “AUTO” on climate control does not turn on AC


*   Windows up/down sunroof open/close with a key fob button press
*   Mirror fold in with key fob (must-have mirror fold option)
*   Disable seat belt butlers
*   Disable seat belt chime
*   Alarm module retrofit coding
*   Change alarm siren type to Euro (E-series chassis only)
*   Disable auto-dimming mirror (side-views)
*   Disable window safety feature (opening doors will not interrupt roll-up operation – not applicable to E6x)
*   Disable door chime when the door is open and the key is in slot
*   Enable acoustic notification on lock/unlock (must have alarm module)
*   Convertible roof-top open while driving (E-series convertibles)
*   Convertible roof-top open with the key fob (E93, and F-series convertibles)
*   One-touch auto open/close sunroof
*   Easy Entry – seat moves back a little when you open the door (F series only)
*   Enable Blind Spot Detection at lower speeds  (F series only)
*   Reprogram 3rd and 4th buttons on key fob (I3 Only)
*   Trunk close with key fob and interior button (F, X3, X5 series only. Not including 6 series F models)

Diagnostics and Service

*   Clear engine and transmission adaptations
*   Reset FRM short circuit counters/locks
*   Write VIN# and program used replacement ECUs/modules
*   Disable Neutral Idle Control per bulletin SI B24 03 08
*   New battery registration
*   Read/Clear OBD and BMW specific diagnostic codes
*   BMW Diagnostics and calibration using ISTA/Rheingold/INPA/Tool32
*   Replacement fuel injector parameter coding (N54/N55 engines)
*   Adjust idle RPM’s (not available for R5x BMW Mini models)


*   Allow 2.4 Gallon Tank Capacity (I3 only)
*   Allow REX anytime below 75% “Hold Mode” (I3 only)
*   Eco-Pro or Eco-Pro+ on startup (I3 only)
*   Traffic Jam Assistant (I3 only)

BMW Performance Power Kit PPK (for N54 & N55 engines)

*   For N54 equipped vehicles produced from 03/2008 till 03/2010
*   For N55 equipped vehicles produced up till 02/2012
*   Increased torque of 317 ft-lbs (manual trans) or 332 ft-lbs (auto trans), available from just 1,500 rpm
*   Increased maximum output* of 320 horsepower (see graph image)
*   Faster acceleration from 0 to 75 mph

**Please include the last 7 digits of your VIN# in the quote.
Alpina B3 Transmission Flash (for N54 & N55 engines)

*   For N54/N55 equipped E9x vehicles produced from 03/2007+
*   Smoother shifting
*   Quicker up-shifts in D mode (Better fuel economy)
*   More precise shifting with fantastic rev-matching on downshifts in Sport mode.

**Please include the last 7 digits of your VIN# in the quote.
E90/E92/E93 M3 Euro GTS DCT flash

*   Improves the jerky or clunky downshifting when coming to a stop
*   Quicker and smoother gear shift engagement
*   Reduced clutch slip at higher RPMs
*   No more lag when shifting into reverse
*   Toggling the shifter switches to D2 instead of S3 with S mode memory

**Please include the last 7 digits of your VIN# in the quote.
N52 Three Stage Intake Manifold Flashing (for N52B30 engines)

*   For N52B30 equipped 1, 3, 5, and Z4 series E chassis vehicles
*   Up to 255bhp with 221 lb-ft of torque @ 6600rpm (265bhp for the 130i)
*   BMW 130i, 330i, 530i, Z4si factory software reliability

**HP gains to wheels will be more conservative.

**Please include the last 7 digits of your VIN# in the quote.
E46 M3 w/SMG II

*   CSL rev-matching and motor inertia DME parameters
*   CSL Transmission Software Flash
*   Cold-Start Delete
*   EWS Delete
*   Sport button memory
*   Speed governor removal
*   Enable shift lights with Manual Transmission

**If the vehicle has aftermarket tune or ECU upgrade please inquire if possible.

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