How to Add New BDC Key to BMW MINI F56 by CGDI BMW

Got a Mini Cooper F56 with BDC module, add a new key from CGDI Prog BMW.

Let’s test the car and the ignition switch first.

The car engine runs very well. Sounds good!

OK, turn off the switch.


Next we wanted to disassemble the BDC module, remove the BDC module and fit them on the platform. Then use the CGDI BMW key programmer

The BDC module is located on the right foot of the passenger seat. There isn’t a single screw in there.

It’s easy to remove. After removing the top cover, remove all connectors and the BDC module can be removed.


Then go back to the platform and take the next step.

The cover of the BDC module has been removed. There is the 8-pin 95256 chip on it.

We’re going to read and write data to this chip and then preprocess BDC.

The chip has glue on it. We have to remove the glue before reading the data.

Drop the glue remover on the chip, and use the cotton swab to clean the chip.


Connect the 95256 chip to the equipment first

Connect the FEM/BDC test platform , CGDI Prog BMW key programmer, BDC module

The power, voltage and all devices are working.


Now we open CGDI BMW software to operate.

Select FEM/BDC key match

Follow the prompt to update the ECU program before adjusting the key and make sure the car battery has enough power and keep the device cable connected during the programming process. Click Yes

Backup encoding succeeded

Then tick the second option ‘Use EEPROM adapter to read FEM/BDC 8-PIN chip data: Please remove the FEM/BDC from the car (must cut off power), and properly connect the adapter’s chip clip to the 95128/95256 chip of the FEM/BDC.

Read the data successfully, save the data to our desktop and create a folder. The device prompts to remove the clip from the chip.


Install the FEM/BDC into the car (The chip holder must be removed from the chip)

It shows the key info. Now that proves this module processing successfully.


Move the key little, and put the key again


It prompts the key info on the CGDI BMW software. Now it has the password, ISN, key synchronization code, and DME code.


Save the data

Follow the prompt to close the new key to the key induction area under the steering wheel.

Program key successfully, and the key position 5 has been added succeeded.


Finally, put the BDC module back to the car and test if it’s good.

It is easy to disassemble and install. You don’t have to worry about the plug. If the plug is wrong, it cannot be plugged in. It’s not difficult to install.


Try the original key and the reprogrammed key, both work fine. In the end we need to use CGDI BMW to diagnose. Go to the DTC and check if everything is OK. If DTC is present, clear it.


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