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BMW MEVD17.2.5 DME N13 ECU Auto Checksum by CG FC200

Test BMW F30 316i N13 engine with ICOM ISTA. ISTA gives faulty DME with Valvetronic and ignition and injection relay faults. DME is damaged. I need to replace and clone a new DME. Original car DME part number is 8638198 while the donor is 7636292. CG FC200 is really good

How to Fix BMW ISTA+ Screen Freeze on Windows 10 problem

Problem: BMW ISTA+ “Display” Function isn’t working, files were downloaded from forum, all files were extracted and unblocked. Car can be identified and fault tree is shown. Everything works fine, but when I create a test plan for faults and click ‘display’, the next page is blank and ends up

NCS Expert coding detailed how-to guide – E46

This is, hopefully, the most complete how-to guide for using NCS Expert to code a BMW. I am by no means an expert, but I have recently got the BMW Diagnostic Software & a cable to code on my E46, and I struggled for quite some time on finding a really

How to find BMW ISTA Removing and installing

How to find BMW ISTA Removing and installing 1.ISTA connects to the car, or uses 17 numbered VINs,click information search; 2.Choose car‘s parts or ecu,click Display 3.You will be able to view the detailed removal and installation steps, what tools to use; the blue mark you can view the instructions

How to update the firmware of ICOM NEXT A

Upgraded the new version of BMW Diagnostic Software ISTA. When connected to the vehicle, click to start the vehicle to detect ICOM, but the State is Firmware. At this time, you need to upgrade the firmware of BMW ICOM Next; ICOM NEXT A firmware upgrade steps 1. First, you need the

‘Not enough resources’ error message suggested fix for ISTAD

Edit the following registry files as below ( if they don’t exist, add them): [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BMWGroup\ISPI\Rheingold] “BMW.Rheingold.Programming.ExpertMode”=”false” “BMW.Rheingold.Programming.Enabled”=”false” “BMW.Rheingold.Programming.PsdzDataPath”=”..\\..\\..\\PSdZ\\data_swi” Here are the steps: 1. Click on the start button and search for “regedit” and press “enter” key 2. Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\BMWGroup\ISPI\Rheingold] and add a new “String Value” 3. Copy and Paste

Original ICOM firmware update problem

Original ICOM firmware update problem Ask by ben1974: Hi Folks, Trying to update firmware on an original ICOM that was brought from the dealer so I can use it on free software from here. I have updated cones before no problem using .bin files, but when I try to update

BMW E85 Z4 SBSR Airbag Module Coding Guide

I’ve finally got a used airbag ECU for my 2003 Z4 3.0 and after fitting it the airbag light is still on. A pal used a obd2 scanner to read the fault code and the “Safety and Gateway module” shows the error “93AB Incorrect chassis number. He can clear the

BMW Carly vs. Rheingold (INPA, NCS, ISTA-D-P)

This is for those are researching what he should buy for his BMW. The option is narrowed on BMW ICOM cable + Rheingold and Carly Pro for BMW + Carly gen2 adapter. Carly can run diagnostics and code. It can be installed only on tablets and phones. For what it does

How to restore the performance of the N53 engine

In this entry: step-by-step recommendations for restoring the performance of the N53 engine. Available diagnostics tool: ISTA D/+ Symptoms: increased fuel consumption, permanent vibration, uneven performance, low-quality idle. Notes 1. If it is possible, use INPA for F series to diagnose these engines. Unfortunately, ISTA D/+ gives very limited information,