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Volvo XC40 2020 All Keys Lost Success by Autel IM608

Volvo xc40 2020 all keys lost is done with Autel IM608 Pro. The cem is located at the bottom left of the steering wheel.  Using original key form the dealership. This car does not have a KVM module. All new volvo keys with side buttons only need CEM and it

Autel IMMO Upgrade XP400XP400 Pro Add Universal Key Function

Autel IMMO program version number V3.94 was released on May, 6th, 2022. Added universal keys & remotes programming function on Autel XP400/ XP400 Pro. Updated Features 1.  Adds universal key function. 2.  Adds read remote control information function. 3.  Adds read & write function for IMMO modules for Hyundai Custo

Autel CAN FD Adapter Program Chevrolet Onix 2021 all keys lost with IM608 successfully.

Autel CAN FD Adapter can expand the support of the CAN FD protocol to specifically support the diagnosis of some new models. Such as 2020+ GM models, 2018- Ford models. The CAN FD Adapter must be used with a supported Autel VCI(vehicle communication interface) to communicate with applicable vehicles. Program

Program Honda Accord 2020 All keys Lost by Autel Im608 Pro

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro is able to program Honda Accord 2020 all key lost via OBD successfully. No need XP400 Pro Programmer, simply connecting JVCI with OBD is enough. Autel IM608 Pro Honda Accord IMMO Car List Vehicle Model System Add Key All Keys Lost Remote Learning IMMO Part Replacement

Autel IM608 Pro Program Mercedes W209(2006-) All Keys Lost

What happen if you lost all Mercedes keys? Luckily Autel has a solution for that, having the Autel G-BOX2 Tool working together with Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro, the process can be cut down 80% to save time. 2 ways of using G-BOX2 to program Mercedes AKL ♦   Connect with OBD2 port;

Autel IM608 Pro Program Jeep Liberty 2007 All Keys Lost

This is the demo on how we read pin code from BCM module and program a key AKL for Jeep Liberty 2007 by Autel IM608PRO and Autel XP400PRO. Tools: Autel MaxiIM IM608PRO Autel XP400PRO Siemens module EEPROM ST95080 USB cable APA103(EEPROM Clamp) Part 1. Get EEPROM in BCM module The

Solved! VW Polo Dashboard Dead After Add key by Autel IM608 PRO

Recently, a customer had a “Error” problem on the dashboard after adding a spare key for VW Polo 2007 by Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro and XP400 pro. Every step by IM608 PRO was normal and the both keys worked well, but the dashboard seemed dead. Solution: Disconnect the vehicle’s battery for

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro Diagnostic and Update

Received one Autel IM608 Pro, gonna show its basic diagnostic functions, hook it up to one Chrysler LX-300 2014 for example. The nice feature is that it supports printing the test report. And we can download the car brand we actually do need, and uninstall the car brands we don’t