Solved! Autel IM608 + XP400 Benz Chip Communication Failed

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It is always the same when I am using Autel MaxiIM IM608 + XP400 Key Programmer to make automatic detection for a Mercedes Benz key.

It says “Chip communication failed. Please check whether the chip is placed correctly or in good contact”

What is the problem? Please help me!
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solved-autel-im608-xp400-benz-chip-communication-failed-2 (2)

The solution from OBD2TOOL engineer:

The reason why the Mercedes-Benz key failed is that IR key can’t be detected with automatic detection. Please try “IR (Mercedes)” function scrolling down at the menu.
solved-autel-im608-xp400-benz-chip-communication-failed-1 (2)

Problem was solved, Autel IM608 scan tool and XP400 can detect Mercedes key successfully now!

Thanks to Auteldiag engineer!

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