How to program Mercedes Benz W203 all keys lost on bench with Autel IM608 & XP400 & G-Box2

How to program Mercedes Benz W203 all keys lost on bench with Autel IM608XP400 & G-BOX 2.

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Car model and key:

Mercedes W203 C180 year 2004 keys.

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Prepare these tools:

Autel MaxiIM608 with XP400 Pro & G-Box2

Hardware connection:

Connect IM608 with VCI then to G-Box2

Connect XP400 Pro to APB125 then to IR.

Connect OBDII -> G-Box2 and supply +12V.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-04 (2)

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-03 (2)

On the IM608 function menu, tap “Mercedes Benz” -> Expert Mode -> EIS Tools

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-05 (2)

Read EIS Data -> IR.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-06 (2)

Tap “On Bench (G-box) -> W203 (K)

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-07 (2)

Follow the W203 /W463 diagram to connect +12V, GND and T4.

Supply +12V to G-Box2.

Then, tap “OK”.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-08 (2)

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-09 (2)
autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-10 (2)

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-11 (2)

Read EIS data
Insert IR key APB125 into EIS.

Read EIS data…via IR until 100% ok.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-12 (2)

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-13 (2)

Read Password by IR.
A window message pops up reading “Do you want to read the key password by infrared? the process takes about 1 to 4 minutes.”. Tap “Yes” to go on to get the password.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-14 (2)

Save EIS file
Look at the EIS basic information and EIS key information.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-15 (2)

Save EIS file.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-16 (2)

Generate key files.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-17 (2)

It will show the EIS information and password.

Enter a 16-digit key password.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-18 (2)

Choose “Key number 4 not used /Not disabled”, tap “Ok”- > V51 (Half Smart key).

Succeed to generate key file and save key file.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-19 (2)

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-20 (2)

Go to key -> IR -> Write BE Key.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-21 (2)

Insert new BE key into IR key hole and press “OK”.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-22 (2)

Choose key file to write, and the key number:4 and write.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-23 (2)

How to test key with Autel IM608?
Go to EIS Tool -> Test EIS status and working keys.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-24 (2)

On bench (G-Box2).

This function support OBD communication.

Test working key.

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-25 (2)

Current EIS types: w203(k).

Read EIS information.

Insert key into EIS and remove 3 times.

Re-insert the key into the IR key hole on the programmer (XP400).

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-26 (2)

Read EIS information and key.

This key is working key for this vehicle. Key number:4

autel-im608-program-mercedes-w203-akl-on-bench-27 (2)

The key can start. Or you can test with the EIS / ESL testing tool.

Job is done.

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