How to Check 2012 Chevy Equinox by GM MDI2

My friend has a 2012 Chevy Equinox that uses newer GM network platform. No diagnostic coverage using a GM Tech2. The Equinox has been suffering some BCM problems lately with no way to plug in.. Only thing I could get was powertrain codes using a cheap scanner. Anyway GM MDI


Mitsubishi ECU Reprogramming by MUT-III Diagnostics

In this post, show you guide on how to use MUT-III diagnostic software to do ECM reprogramming for Mitsubishi Lancer 2008. More post for Mitsubishi,please refer to Mitsubishi Trouble Repair Preparations: 2020 MUT-3 MUT-III Mitsubishi Diagnostic Software Free Download MUT-III Diagnostic interface Procedures: Connect Openport 2.0 adapter to Mitsubishi

Digimaster-3-Nissan-pathfinder-mileage-adjustment-1 (2)

Digimaster 3 Nissan pathfinder mileage adjustment

Yanhua Digimaster 3 is able to  adjust Nissan pathfinder mileage, here is the operate guide for you Look at the images of Nissan pathfinder option: Select “Meter system” then “Japan & Korea”. Select “Nissan”. Select “Pathfinder”. Have option: 2000, 2005-2008, 93C56, 2004, 93C46 etc. Please firstly find out your dashboard chip


How to Reset Toyota PasswordImmo code with Techstream

Easy step by step guide on How to reset Toyota pass code/password/immobilizer code by Toyota TIS Techstream. Hope this article is helpful! NOTE: Immo reset function is only available in the North American region of the program. What tools you need to reset Toyota password/immo code? *A laptop installed Toyota


Toyota Yaw Rate Acceleration Sensor and VSC Light Reset by Launch X431

ECB (Electronic Control Brake System), according to the driving status of vehicle and using the oil pressure brake system, controls S-VSC (Steering-assisted Vehicle Stability Control System), braking assist system and ABS equipped with EBD. ECB controls oil pressure brake system and the brake power produced by regenerative braking system according


How to find x431 register account and password back

If you forget your register account and password,How to find your account and password back registered on DBSCAR website? 1.Provide us your order and serial number 2.Send us a picsture(the backside of your X431 scanner,like X431 IV,X431 5C,X431 5C PRO,X431 DIAGUN 3,X431 V,X431 V+),which should contain the product serial number.

Autel-IM508-IM608-V5.10-VW-Advanced-Mode-Key-Programming-Guide-1 (2)

Autel IM508 IM608 V5.10 VW Advanced Mode Key Programming Guide

The V5.10 update for VW software on Autel IM508 & IM608 was released on 8/12/2021. Now the new version supports MQB IMMO IV IMMO IV+MQB key programming (Add Key & All Keys Lost) through online calculation. The general steps are: VW software installed>>Advanced mode>>Send request>>send the VIN number to the dealer>>Get