Fly SVCI 2018 error “The device has been deactivated”

Fly-SVCI-2018-error-“The-device-has-been-deactivated”-1 (2) chief engineer offer the solution to Fly SVCI 2018 error “The device has been deactivated” after the software is installed.

Fly Svci 2018 The Device Has Been Deactivated

Fly-SVCI-2018-error-“The-device-has-been-deactivated”-1 (2)

Step 1. Exit or uninstall all anti-virus application, then free download the following software to reset.

Step 2. Open “Setting” file to replace the machine serial number and then save it.

Fly-SVCI-2018-error-“The-device-has-been-deactivated”-2 (2)

Step 3. Run ” KeyRecovery_Online”, please follow the instruction to operate.

Good luck!

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