Ford F150 P0315 CKP Fault Code After Parameter Reset with IM608

2014 Ford F-150. PCM was replaced. I did a parameter reset with autel im608 and the error codes will not clear for the following:
P0315:00-AF – Crankshaft Position (CKP) system variation not learnt.
P1639:00-2F – Vehicle ID Block Corrupted, not programmed.
With the CKP I’m certain the repair shop can take care of this with their diagnostic equipment. I’m more concerned with the Vehicle Block ID. Is this something I can resolve with IM608? I’ve never seen this error before.


You need to use FJDS and actually program the PCM module. Simply coding the module to the car won’t work. If you don’t have nastf, program module with Ford software and use autel for parameter reset and 2 keys
You need to do it correctly.
First you need to go get the as built data , you can get free on ford’s website. then you need to manually load the PCM data, then you will be good to go.


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