Autel IM608 add new key on 2014 BMW F012 via OBD

Hey guys, we are gonna use Autel MaxiIM IM608 to add a new key for 2014 BMW F012 with 868MHz Frequency via OBD.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-1 (2)

Let’s go!

So, enter “IMMO”.

Accept the disclaimer.

Tap “BMW”.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-2 (2)

Smart selection.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-3 (2)

It will scan the CAS4/CAS4+ immobilizer system, DME engine system, EGS transmission system. Tap “OK”.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-4 (2)

Go to “Key learning”.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-5 (2)

It will read vehicle information and ECU information.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-6 (2)

Enter “OBD learning”.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-7 (2)

Nice, it comes with instructions which guide me how to do in step-by-step procedure.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-8 (2)

Go to “OBD Read SK” to read the password.

We like to take the risk, so tap “Ok”.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-9 (2)
Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-10 (2)

Tap “Yes” to confirm we have a working key, and then put the working key to start coil as close as possible.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-11 (2)

Alright, read password quickly.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-12 (2)

Pick Key6 (Free key), then tap “Write key”.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-13 (2)

Follow the instruction “Please put New key close to start coil, key frequency 868MHz”.

Operate “Key Learning” in two stpes.

The second step of writing data into key is in process.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-14 (2)

Write key successfully!

Follow the instruction “Put the key close to start induction coil, press and hold the ignition for 10s. After the learning is completed, the key can be normally used.”.

Autel-IM608-add-new-key-on-2014-BMW-F012-via-OBD-15 (2)

Take the original key away from the vehicle when testing the new key.

Okay, the new can start the car perfectly.

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